Steps for half up bow braid

Half-up hairstyles like this one are very popular right now. This one happens to use a regular 3-strand braid, a fishtail braid, and a hair bow. Inspiration for this braid came from my friend. I actually saw her style photo in a magazine and fell in love with it! This hairstyle can be dressed up or … Continue reading Steps for half up bow braid


Four cool hairstyles in 2017

Whether it's a blunt fringe, short layers, dip-dye or a whole new shade of hair, the new year brings with it the perfect opportunity to test out the most coveted hairstyles and hair trends sported by celebrities and street-style stars. We asked the UK's top hairstylists and colourists to find out what they predict will be … Continue reading Four cool hairstyles in 2017

How face shape fit in hairtdyles

The perfect haircut is more than just a few snips! Before booking a salon appointment, determine your face shape so you'll know exactly what to ask for. You can do this at home by breaking out a ruler and measuring the widths of your brow, cheekbones and jawline, and the length of your face from … Continue reading How face shape fit in hairtdyles

Why women need hair extensions

Are you considering buying hair extensions, but not sure if it's worth taking the plunge? We're here to help make you make that decision. In this blog post, we'll highlight 6 main reasons to wear hair extensions. Everyone knows they're great for volume and length - that's no surprise. But did you ever consider that … Continue reading Why women need hair extensions

Best hairstyles for oval faces

The oval face shape is the ideal shape because it can wear nearly any hairstyle! Other shapes have a limited selection of hairstyles because they want to hide and minimize certain facial features to give the illusion of being the coveted oval shape. Just because the oval shape is the most versatile shape doesn’t mean … Continue reading Best hairstyles for oval faces

Dutch Fishtail Braid step by step

It is so admirable for those have a long hair with fishtail braid. Actually you can dutch fishtail braid by yourself too even if you don`t have a long hair, cause Rebecca Beautiful Silky Straight Yaki wave will help you to solve the solution. Now let`s get started to dutch the beautiful fishtail braid step by step! … Continue reading Dutch Fishtail Braid step by step

How many brown hair colors for your choices

There are many kinds of brown color for our hair. Have you ever noticed that these brown colors are popular in this fall?The fellowing hair colors are natural and fashionable, try one and enjoy it! Natural Light Brown This is a natural look that is close to the customer’s own light brown color. She can … Continue reading How many brown hair colors for your choices